Country House Transformed Into Eco Oasis

"We Will Help Create Your Home From Any Building"

Shopping for the perfect family home generally involves compromise. New homes are beautiful but modern block sizes can be tiny and new estates are not for everyone. If you can find the perfect property in the right location for the right price and all that is wrong is the existing home, ETA Constructions can help.

Our own situation matches the above scenario exactly. We fell in love with a thirty acre property on the Mid North Coast which was a fabulous price and in the ideal location. The only issue was the existing ‘home’ was a tiny fibro shack that had been used extensively as a weekend party place and the dwelling was in a poor state of repair. With our two young children growing rapidly, we knew we would need to do more than simply repaint some walls and replace the carpet.

Building your dream

Before moving to the Mid North Coast, we lived in Byron Bay NSW where there are many homes that are sympathetic to the environment in which they sit, be that country or ocean. We wanted to extend and transform the ‘shack’ into our own country retreat and take advantage of passive heating and cooling principals to minimise our environmental footprint. This was not going to be a ‘house flip’ popularised by ‘The Block’. We wanted to build a comfortable haven where we could set down roots and watch our children grow in the coming decades.

Ezra, a highly experienced collaborator with architects and building designers, put pen to paper and extended the home in two directions. A new garage would be created at one end of the new structure with a parent’s retreat at the opposite end. Everything - the old and the new would be tied together with a new integrated roof and a full width veranda would allow us to while away sunny afternoons.

If you have an opportunity to move out of your home while renovations are taking place, this is the ideal situation but sometimes moving out is simply not an option. Such was our own situation while Ezra crafted our new home from its modest beginnings. Ezra used a ‘staged’ approach to building and renovating where different sections of construction were closed off to the rest of the home to minimise disruption to family life and then reopened once construction took place on a different stage. 

For this build, we did need to move into temporary on-site accommodation while the initial work was carried out due to the removal of internal walls to create a spacious and modern new kitchen and living area. The two original bedrooms and bathroom were also retained however these were extended and completely renovated.

The existing building had a skillion roof. We replaced this with a cavity roof for greater cooling that now integrates seamlessly across the entire building. Above the parent’s retreat, the roof rises up to allow for a very tall internal ceiling which is five metres at its highest point. Louver windows at this highest point provide an exit for hot air cooling the room naturally.

There are certainly challenges that arise from turning a two bedroom shack with a tiny kitchen, small dark rooms and a very tired bathroom into a modern family home with luxurious touches but the end result is an exciting testimony to what is possible with a little vision and the right builder.

If you are looking at a property that requires collaboration with a building designer and builder to make it into your new home, we invite you to fill in our ‘getting to know you’ form for a complimentary consultation on your project with Ezra. We look forward to hearing from you.

Bring new life to your home.

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