ETA Constructions have been building homes for decades and in this time we have developed a reputation for innovative home renovations that make your house into a bespoke ‘home’ tailored to your lifestyle and way of living.  Our commitment to quality and the finest quality craftsmanship extends to all areas of our work to deliver a superior and integrated finish that will stand the test of time and maximize your investment and the value of your freshly renovated home.

ETA Constructions make renovating your home easy. We provide you with both the building project management that makes your renovation fun and affordable.

ETA Construction Projects

A space to enjoying the wonderful climate and landscape of the Hastings Region and spending time with the people you love most.

Eco Country Oasis
Country House Transformed Into Eco Oasis"We Will Help Create Your Home From Any Building"Shopping for the perfect family home generally[...]
Verbena Avenue
Verbena Avenue"If you can dream it, ETA can build it."Verbena Avenue in Port Macquarie is home to a busy modern[...]
Swift House
When Triathlon and Swim Coach Melinda set out to re-create her home into a space that would facilitate family life and her successful personal training business, ETA constructions were chosen to do the work.
Roz’s Pool House
When Roz and Brian moved to the North Shore of Port Macquarie, they fell in love with a riverside property that ticked all their boxes except one. No pool.
Luigi Bros Delicatessen
Both Lakewood and ETA share synergies with sustainable building practices and these common principals attracted them to work on this project together.

ETA Constructions are a ‘Master Builders Association Certified Green Living Builder’ and we specialise in creating smarter spaces that transform older houses into light, livable, efficient, homes optimized for our clients lifestyle.

When we work with you on your renovation project, we have the experience and technology to add space that is more efficient and affordable saving you even more in the long run. We achieve this by preserving the best of your existing home and adding space to provide new ‘livability’ through superior design.

ETA Constructions can help you to create a bespoke modern living space that is smart, practical and affordable. A place to live, relax and play. A space to enjoying the wonderful climate and landscape of the Hastings Region and spending time with the people you love most.

Our homes offer:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Thermal protection
  • Superior insulation
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    Acoustic solutions
  • check
    High-quality finish
  • check
    Low maintenance
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    Long-term durability
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    Reduced building costs
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    Environmental sustainability

Get acquainted with our workmanship and inspired with the possibilities. Review the case studies from our most recent renovation projects.

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Demolition through to landscaping, we take care of everything

Specialised design services for smart spaces

Eco options to save you money

Stress-free project management

If you are looking for a builder to help you craft your perfect home from an existing property, call Ezra and Louise Atkins from ETA constructions today for a chat about the possibilities.