Scenario 1 - If you Have Architectural Designs

If you have an architect working with you or if you are a client working with an architect, ETA constructions make it easy to price and build your dream home. 

We specialise in collaborating and bringing our client in as part of our TEAM. Our mantra is Together Everyone Achieves More. By engaging the client and/or Architect there are no surprises, everyone is kept up to date and we can make this building process an enjoyable one.


Scenario 2 - If you Do Not Yet Have Architectural Designs / Drawings

ETA can consult with you to help you formalize your ideas by offering guidance on what is possible within your defined budget.  This is often helpful if you have not yet engaged with a draftsman or architect and need professional advice to economize the revisions.

Complete our FREE questionnaire to see if ETA Constructions is a good fit for your project. 

Initial Call + Suitability Questionnaire

Getting the best possible outcome for your investment starts with great communications. The better we understand your project and objectives, the better we can serve you to make your dreams a reality. Please complete the form above to determine if your project is a good fit for ETA Constructions. Once we have reviewed your submission, we will contact you for an informal discussion and review. 

Onsite Consultation

The purpose of this meeting is to learn more about your ideas for your renovation and generally get in sync with your vision. As part of this process, we will generally sound out different options and approaches that will serve your needs, your heart and your budget and inspire you to what is possible

Submit to Council or Private Certifies

Full consultation plus a fully detailed proposal will cost $2200 inc Gst.

Drawings can vary depending on the project from $2000 to $10000.

Designs and Drawing

We need drawings so all parties know what is going to be built. A drawing builds your project on screen and we can then create a 3D model Once you are happy with the drawings it can then be submitted to your local council.

Breakdown of Project Milestones + Typical Pricing